Our Big Idea

We set out to make what was impossible, possible by making sense of the noisiest data there is, the World Wide Web.

Clarsentia was created while looking for a way to better understand the vast data sets the Internet provides and modeling how subtle shifts in the tone and quantity of that data very much influences our day-to-day lives.

While billions of points of data are created everyday, providing valuable insights about an array of markets and brands, our ability to consume and understand that data in a meaningful way is very much constrained.

When we unlocked the ability to understand the underlying human emotion in text, we felt it was our responsibility to make that information available for public consumption and understanding on a broad scale.

Our name is derived from the desire to clearly articulate market and global sentiment in a meaningful and consumable way. Combining Clarity with Sentiment to create our brand name Clarsentia.

Our Formula

Our unique approach to data science and analytics along with expert understanding of markets translates into your competitive edge.

We turn all the noisy data of the Internet into meaningful metrics. One of the most difficult parts of data analysis is separating clean data from the trash. We’ve perfected our learning algorithms to give you the cleanest possible view of market sentiment like never before.

Unlike virtually all other sentiment analysis tools available, we’ve gone a step further and pre-classified data to categorize information into meaningful industry segments and groups, giving you both the narrow and ‘big picture’ view of you’re market; a feature other social media monitoring and analysis competitors only dream about.

This translates into a distinct competitive advantage for our customers, allowing you to stay much more instep with the market and react much more quickly to shifts in public perception. Track the success of your marketing campaigns in realtime or gain distinct insights about how your competitors are perceived compared to your business on the world stage.

Our Values

Delivering business value through continuous improvement and innovation. At Clarsentia, we put our customers and our people first.

We believe our commitment to technology and innovation along with our dedication to our customers and passion for innovation through technology is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Your success is our success at Clarsentia, and we take our customers business needs to heart. That's why we've built our corporate culture around open and honest dialogue with our customers and our people. We're interested in creating solutions through new and innovative ideas which solve real-world business problems, and we work very hard to make this happen.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business, and we stand behind what we say we'll deliver.